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Enjoy the Living Benefits of the BANKANDGROWRICH.NET strategy

The strategy, which is based on the Infinite Banking Concept described in Nelson Nash's book, Becoming Your Own Banker, promotes the liquidity, use, and control of policyholder money throughout life. Here's how it works and what it can do for you. 

What is the Strategy?

The strategy is a financial strategy based on U.S. tax laws and the contractual guarantees provided by whole life insurance. This strategy promotes using the cash value in your whole life policies, through policy loans, to help finance the purchase of tangible products. You can use the strategy throughout life for unexpected expenses, mortgage protection, to help pay for a child's education, to supplement retirement, or in any way you see fit. 

How Does the

Strategy Work?

Using the cash value in your whole life policy rather than a more traditional method of financing could offer a better way to increase your net worth because you can access this money - which has been growing tax-deferred - tax-free and without penalties. By repaying the policy loans at a rate that exceeds the rate charged by a selected mutual life insurance company and using the excess payment to purchase an annual paid-up additions rider, the policy's cash values and death benefits will increase. 

What are the benefits of the Strategy?

As a policyholder, you enjoy several benefits. When you borrow against your whole life policy, you aren't actually borrowing from your policy values, but are borrowing from a selected mutual life insurance company, with a lien against your policy. Therefore, you aren't subject to a credit check; you usually get the money in a few days; you have no fixed repayment schedule, and money obtained through policy loans will not trigger a taxable event. *

Any amount that isn't repaid will be deducted from the policy's cash surrender value and outstanding loans can impact dividends.** If the policyholder dies before the loan is paid back, the outstanding amount is deducted from the death benefit. 

*MLIC does not provide tax advice. You should consult with a tax expert of your choice. 

**Dividends are not guaranteed. 

Does my policy grow from this loan activity?

Your policy's guaranteed cash value continues to grow whether or not you take a loan. Loan payments based on a rate in excess of the selected mutual life insurance company's policy loan rate will add additional growth to your policy. 

Why should I consider the


With the strategy, you can avoid paying interest on loan payments to traditional finance companies and, instead, make such payments into your own whole life policy through the purchase of a Paid-Up Additions rider. 

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